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Custom Web Development Services

Custom web-based solutions tailored to your business.

Comrade Digital Marketing is an experienced custom website development agency specializing in high-performance websites and services for clients across a range of industries. Our solutions are designed to exceed your business needs and technical requirements.

Custom Web Development Services

Creative Value-Added Web Solutions

Our onboarding process will open a world of possibilities for your business.

After consultation, we assess the best ways to achieve your organization’s goals through any or all of the following solutions:?Website Migration & Modernization,?Re-Engineering, Enhancement and Testing.

Custom Website Development

Our custom websites focus on fulfilling your specific business needs and technical requirements. We also ?and develop projects with custom functionality, widget integration and tools that streamline your operation and processes. By designing the optimal user experience for your target audience, your website will become a powerful business tool.

Legacy Platform Upgrades

We can also help you revitalize legacy projects. Starting with a full review of your current website’s technical architecture and functionality, we migrate your site to newer platforms and enrich existing solutions with fresh features, functionality and improved UX & UI. We also help with device-agnostic solutions and align it with modern security requirements.

Creative Value-Added Web Solutions

What Essential Functions Does Your Website Need?

We have built and customized websites for every level of functionality required. For 12 years running, our Chicago-based office has been serving hundreds of clients across a range of industries worldwide. We are proud of our extensive portfolio and welcome you to view a few of the following examples:

  • Advanced e-commerce website with complex product builder
  • Website with dealer portal allowing wholesale users to place orders and exchange information
  • Real estate website featuring information from MLS system
  • Auto auction website providing users with ability to list and place
  • E-commerce website offering users the ability to personalize products
  • Web application designed for users to connect, share files, schedule meetings and more
  • Custom sales calculators
  • Lead management systems
  • And so much more…

How Much Do Custom Websites Cost?

Custom websites are a superb way of showcasing your unique brand and maximize your business’ potential. Often, custom sites entail greater levels of complexity and features than out of the box solutions, and pricing starts from $20,000. After a complete assessment of your custom website requirements, we’ll put together a detailed quote that matches both your budget and business objectives.

Featured Ecommerce Case Studies

Barr & Young Attorneys
Premier California law firm Barr & Young gets full rebranding and dynamic marketing campaigns for lead generation
A client for over 4 years, we have not only helped this prestigious law firm redesign their site and keep it up to date with best practices, but have gained them impressive marketing results as well.
view case study
Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
Increasing Local Traffic Over 300%
The number of accounts created and the volume of new orders increased markedly since our engagement began. We understand how digital technologies helps meet project specifications and turn clients' visions into reality.
view case study

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Our Process

  • Identify website functionalities This is the very first phase of your project. We work with you to identify your goals and then map out the website requirements and functionalities that will achieve those goals.
  • Market and competitive analysis We research your market and competitive landscape to position your business effectively. This data drives the optimization features we integrate when building your custom website.
  • Sitemap and architecture With your requirements in hand, we outline your sitemap and overall structure of your custom website.
  • Design high-fidelity prototypes At this stage we design high-fidelity wireframes that provide you with a clickable "first look" at the user experience.
  • In-depth SEO research (as necessary) At this stage we begin your SEO analysis (if part of your project). This includes building out an SEO architecture to ensure Google will consider your website authoritative. SEO is the key to making your website findable for your target audience.
  • Build style guide for your project Website design is based on overarching decisions about colors, fonts, and the use of elements. This is what gives professionally-built websites a consistent, branded look. Before we start design on your project, we map out these details in a style guide to ensure your brand is consistently applied throughout the website.
  • Page design Using your site map and style guide, we design each major page on your website and present you a beautiful, purposeful design sample for approval.
  • Supporting graphic elements are designed Your project might require additional graphic elements. If so, supporting graphics are designed during this stage.
  • Website frontend is coded Once website development starts, our team develops the frontend (or client-facing) side of your website. This includes all the elements with which users will interact..
  • Website backend is coded At this stage our team codes the backend of your site. This includes the server and updating any technical elements require for the website's full functionality. The backend will later serve as the space from where your site can be updated and maintained.
  • Develop project features and logic If your custom website requires additional features on the frontend or the backend, we develop those elements during in this stage.
  • Custom integrations Most custom websites require integrations to be built into the backend. These can include third-party tools, APIs and other applications—at this stage, we build all required integrations into your website.
  • Mobile-responsive site launch Our team ensures that every custom website is fully functional and just as attractive on mobile devices as it is on desktop and laptop computers.
  • Identify and outline SEO priorities In collaboration with our teams, SEO priorities are identified. This enables us to increase the reach to your target audience and position you to meet your keyword ranking objectives.
  • Onsite SEO is built Once your SEO priorities are identified, we weave them into your site content—including copy and graphic elements. This helps Google know what your content is about so it can rank you as an authority.
  • Review website for embedded SEO keywords In order to reap benefits, all of the SEO keywords used on your custom site has to be "readable.". We review your completed website to look for embedded SEO words, ensuring you gain the benefit of your on-page optimizations.
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and other monitoring tools are integrated We then hook your site up to Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and other monitoring tools and event triggers your team needs to gain the most benefit from this data.
  • Test your site for functionality and performance Our team does a full, final sweep of every page and element once your website is fully designed and built. We test for functionality, performance and all required compatibilities.
  • Final review and approval After testing is complete, we send the final website to you for review and approval. We launch your website live as soon as you give us the "green light."
  • Website is deployed and initial performance tracked Google will find and index your website as soon as it's live. After that, our team monitors the initial performance to ensure your website has been optimized for findability and for function once users hit a page. We then review these initial numbers with you.
  • Onboarding Whether it's you, your stakeholders or other members on your team, we train all who will be responsible for the website moving forward. We show you all of the basic monitoring and management protocol for your website.
  • Support (as needed) Once your project is complete, we don't just disappear. For starts, our custom website designs come with a set warranty period where we monitor your site and continue to make the necessary adjustments. We also offer maintenance packages if you would prefer that our team perform updates and optimizations over time.

Why Comrade for Custom Web Development?

Our portfolio speaks for itself, but we'll come out and say it: when you team with us, you team with the custom web development agency with the track record of results and the successful clients to prove it.
icon-Real results for real brands

Real results for real brands

Some web development companies make promises. Comrade makes commitments. The difference? We follow through, and our clients end up with more traffic, higher profits, and faster growth in a predictable and measurable way.
icon-11 years in custom web development

11 years in custom web development

Comrade has spent more than a decade polishing our processes and learning new technologies and strategies with every project. Take advantage of our knowledge base now to see your business succeed.
icon-Customer service that leaves you satisfied

Customer service that leaves you satisfied

Customer service is only helpful when there is genuine care. Comrade Web's goals are your goals, meaning we only meet our objectives if you're successful. So, when you contact us for help, we're always there.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Web Development

What is the cost of a custom website?

To provide an accurate quote, we begin with assessing your goals and requirements. This information is included in a Specifications Document, which outlines your budget and our team accountability measures. Some projects are also better approached from a "time and material" model, which allows more flexibility over the course of a project to refine as we go.

Can an existing custom website be enhanced or supported?

Some existing websites can potentially be enhanced or supported by our team. This usually depends on the technology and platform used to create it. Sometimes, it is helpful to start off with an existing site structure. If you would like to explore this option, we will be glad to perform an assessment of your website and present you with options.

What is your development stack and what other technology capabilities does Comrade have?

We use the LAMP stack for websites and applications that are more dynamic and require a higher level of functionality. General informational websites, on the other hand, are usually built on WordPress. For e-commerce sites, depending on your store requirements, we work with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. For some of our most complex projects, we use the PHP framework Laravel (for the backend) and frameworks like Vue.js, React, etc. for the frontend.

What's the right way to choose the best custom website development company?

To choose the right custom website development company, the first thing to be sure of is whether that agency has experience with similar projects. Can the team prove their track record with a portfolio of case studies? How successful were those projects for their clients? Be sure to consider the assets the company has to support and scale your project, too.

How is an idea turned into a website prototype?

Even the biggest business in your sector started as an idea. Your story could be the same. Success comes with the desire to turn ideas into real, working products. In the same way, our team takes ideas and builds them into concepts in the form of website prototypes. These clickable "first-looks" at a website design are how you see your ideas tangibly transform into reality.

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