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Does Your Current Website Suffer Any of the Following Problems?

  • Does not attract enough qualified leads to achieve and increase profitability
  • Does not generate enough revenue (e-commerce only)
  • Feels outdated or is less engaging than your direct competitors’ websites
  • Does not effectively support your sales team
  • Does not captivate visitors with quality, informative content


<h2>Does Your Current Website Suffer Any of the Foll...

Comrade is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency skilled at building effective websites. Here’s what we can tell you about our “secret sauce.”

Design With High-Performance in Mind

Professional Website Design

Your website is a business tool intended to deliver measurable results (leads and sales).

This is why Comrade’s web development services are centered around delivering on this primary objective.

Each building block of your new website will be expertly constructed to drive leads and sales.

Professional Website Design results

Strategic Web Design

An objective without a plan is a wish.

And we don’t rely on luck or wishful thinking when it comes to developing your business’ most valuable tool. We use proven metrics to build a website that delivers on your key goals.

Unlike many national web design firms or web design agencies in Chicago, Comrade’s website design services are just one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your business. Your new website will not only look great, but also deliver more qualified leads, a higher conversion rate and better support your sales process.

Web Design Optimized for User Experience

High-performance, high-yielding websites deliver a memorable and engaging user experience.

We’ll optimize your website for speed, usability and search engine findability. We’ll also ensure a seamless, intuitive experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Comrade’s website optimization features will encourage visitors to provide you with valuable information to meet their needs.

Web Design Optimized for User Experience

How Much Does a High-Performance Website Cost?

Current and prospective customers and employees visit your website to determine whether to engage your business. A better website significantly increases the chances that those prospects do.

Our team has seen first hand the detrimental impact a poorly designed website can have on a business. In fact, many of our clients came to us specifically to remedy problems arising from subpar websites. This is why we take great care when building what is truly the backbone of your business and any successful marketing campaign. Web design starts at $10,000 with many projects ranging between $15,000 and $25,000. To learn how your web design project will be calculated, see this guide.

Read high-performance Website guide

Web Design Optimized for Search Findability

To win new business, your website must be “findable” by prospects. In other words, people searching the Internet for your products or services should be able to easily find your business.

This is why a robust search engine optimization infrastructure is so critical to a website. Comrade’s experts design your site according SEO best practices, ensuring your business is featured prominently across all meaningful search engines.

Web Design Optimized for Conversions

Your website is only as useful as its ability to convert visitors into opportunities (leads) and/or sales (e-commerce).

We begin simply: by learning your specific business objectives.

Our marketing strategists then design conversion tools and optimized sales funnels for implementation on your new website. These tools enable measurable results that businesses can reliably track.

Web Design Optimized for Conversions

Web Design Supported by a World-Class Team

Before your new website “goes live,” Comrade will train your internal team to use this powerful tool effectively.

We also offer continuous support. We are here to address your questions, requests, or deploy additional marketing campaigns to support your business growth trajectory.

Web Design Supported by a World-Class Team

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From a Comrade-Designed Website?

We are more than a website design company. Comrade is a full service digital marketing solutions provider and has the portfolio to prove a history of success with clients across a range of industries. Peruse our website to view recent case studies and web design projects and explore the great possibilities in store for your own business.
Barr & Young Attorneys
Premier California law firm Barr & Young gets full rebrand, dynamic marketing campaign for lead generation
Comrade has worked with Barr & Young for four years and counting. Not only has our team redesigned the premier law firm's website, continually updating it according to optimization best practices, but has also delivered impressive marketing results.
view case study
Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
Increasing local traffic by over 300%
Comrade's solutions have helped this healthcare real estate advisory group garner new accounts and increase its volume of new orders. Our expertise in digital technologies, coupled with our belief that every client is a partner, enabled us to optimize a website that consistently delivers on Blueprint's key objectives.
view case study

Do You Have a Website Design Project in Mind?

Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your website project. If you already have a website that's not performing the way it should, we'll run a comprehensive audit to identify problem-areas we can remedy. Comrade is your go-to website design company in Chicago and nationally.
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Our Web Design Process

  • Identify your buyer persona(s) and customize the user journey
    We work with you to better understand not just your brand, but to identify your target audience. The user journey is then crafted around what that buyer persona needs and wants from your website.
  • Market and competitive analysis
    It's crucial to assess your direct competition as well as broader industry trends. Comrade conducts a deep dive of this market landscape, enabling us to properly position your website .
  • Map out your website's architecture and sitemap
    This is one of the most important steps in the Discovery process as it ensures your project is build on a solid foundation.
  • Design high fidelity wireframes
    This enables clients to visualize how their website will look and actually meet their goals in real-time. Once we determine the number of web pages for your site and the "part" each page will play in the user (customer) journey, we draft high-fidelity wireframes so you can see that journey from start to conversion.
  • SEO research and mapping
    Search engines continually update their algorithms, which is why our website designs are dynamic and nimble, allowing our experts to consistently implement the most up-to-date SEO measures so your website is always one step ahead of the rest.
  • Build project style guide
    The style guide serves as the design framework for your website's look and feel. Based on your unique brand and priorities, we work with you to identify the colors, themes, elements and overall style of your website.
  • Organize content into site architecture
    The content identified in the high-fidelity wireframe is, at this stage, organized into your website's architecture of webpages.
  • Homepage design
    At this stage the homepage can be conceptually designed. This is fundamentally the most important page built for your website, so we take the time to develop a homepage design that will serve as the right foundation for the entire project.
  • Subpage design
    Once the homepage is "just right," the rest of the internal pages are designed. Comrade web designs are fully scalable for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Design all additional website elements
    Additional website elements are created to complete your site's design and highlight important information, website features, calls-to-action and more.
  • Set up website architecture
    This phase of your project is implemented in parallel with web design. The very first step in the development phase is to establish the underlying architecture of your website.
  • Implement a Content Management System
    Based on the technical and business considerations of your project, our technical team will recommend a Content Management System best suited to meet your key objectives.
  • Set up the approved design and all corresponding design elements
    In this phase, all approved designs are sliced into the website infrastructure and coded.
  • Develop website functionality
    Along with aesthetically pleasing front-facing website elements, all necessary functionality features are being developed behind-the-scenes. This includes but may not be limited to third party tools like CRS systems, calendars, and chat-bars, as well as complex member-access areas.
  • Build-in content
    Next, both website copy and imagery are integrated on the site. This is when messaging and branding meet and your website truly comes to life.
  • Set up mobile responsive view
    We ensure your website is properly displayed across all devices including desktop, laptop and mobile.
  • SEO priorities are identified and deployed
    In collaboration with your team, SEO priorities are identified and deployed for your project. Your participation in this process will provide valuable insight into how your website will meet your business objectives.
  • Website built with onsite SEO
    We integrate elements for SEO so that search engines like Google will readily find your business and recommend it to users.
  • Website audit for embedded SEO keywords
    In order for SEO keywords to yield the greatest benefit, your website copy must be "readable" by Google. We perform a full audit of your website to check for embedded SEO keywords and optimize according to SEO best practices.
  • Launch Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and other monitoring tools
    Our marketing department will set up monitoring tools of your website. These tools will track performance on various platforms and establish event triggers. We'll train your team on how to use these powerful tools to ensure you reap maximum benefit from this valuable data and can always engage with your website freely and easily.
  • Whole-site testing for functionality and performance
    Now that everything has been built in and optimized, we perform a final test of every last detail to ensure full functionality of your web design.
  • Website acceptance
    As soon as we complete our internal testing and ensure all is working, the website is then sent to you for a final review and acceptance. When the "green light" is given, we push your website live.
  • Deployment and review of initial performance
    Once a new website is launched, several things happen in rapid succession. Among them, Google must find and then index the website. Once this happens, we can start monitoring the initial numbers for search findability and on-page performance of your web design.
  • Training for your project stakeholders
    We will train your team so that you can effectively monitor, manage and update your website any time the future.
  • Website support (as needed)
    After a project has been completed, we don't leave you hanging. All of our projects come with a set warranty period during which we monitor your website and adjust elements if necessary. We also provide maintenance packages, so that our team can perform website updates, add or change functionality, and continually optimize the performance.

Why Comrade Website Design Services?

Our team's expertise makes us confident that we will find your ideal clients or customers and target that audience in the most effective, engaging way possible. We analyze your specific value proposition, along with your competitors' online presence, to position your business to stand out from the crowd.
icon-Track Record

Track Record

Comrade has served and delivered real, measurable results to hundreds of clients across 47 industries.


Comrade began as a Chicago-based web design firm and through years of experience and hundreds of clients across a range of industries, has become a full service digital marketing solutions provider. Our agency is backed by a carefully curated team of specialists. Whatever your goals, our highly skilled experts will deliver.
icon-Amazing Customer Service

Amazing Customer Service

Comrade is not just your marketing and web design agency. We truly become your partner as we are genuinely invested in your business. Your success is our North Star.

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Services Beyond Web Design

Digital Marketing Web Development
Comrade provides a range of web design services and digital marketing solutions engineered to deliver meaningful results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

What is the average cost for professional website design?

Project costs vary based on several factors including: the website's objectives, the project's complexity, technical aspects, the level of functionality the site requires, and the timeline.
Average costs for high-performance web design:

  • $10,000+ for informational websites
  • $15,000+ for e-commerce websites
  • $20,000+ for more complex websites

To read more about how much a high-performance website cost, read our article

When should I redesign my existing website?

This varies based on industry and your target audience. As a rule of thumb, Comrade Digital Marketing recommends a website re-design or "facelift" every two years. This ensures you are leveraging your website to its full capacity. Typically, your organization will have undergone some changes during this time period too and a refreshed website will better reflect your brand.

Should my company use a website design template?

Some companies — especially ones that are just starting out — find the lower-investment associated with a website template appealing. That said, a template locks a company into a pre-determined website structure that may not serve the business' needs adequately.. Custom websites perform better because they're crafted specifically around your business objectives. Better marketing results ensue with a website built around your goals and needs.

How do I know which platform is right for my website?

Comrade spends ample time with you and your stakeholders to identify the best platform for your website, Our recommendation will reflect your project's unique needs. All platforms with which Comrade works are widely adopted by web design firms around the world, meaning they are constantly updated and maintained by their original developers.

Should I choose a freelancer or a web design company for my website?

While a freelancer will typically charge a lower fee than a full-service agency and turn out a project that looks slightly better than one you could produce with a DIY-template, it is rare-to-never that a freelancer will have the necessary skill set and experience to deliver a website that will a) truly look professional; and b) achieve the results you need. Our expert team comprises website designers, coders, project managers, testers, copywriters and marketers, because that's what high-performance projects require. A professional website design firm will have the talent, experience and manpower needed to design a modern website according to industry best practices. A professional firm will customize your website's functionality and build it for SEO and to perform highly specialized tasks. All of these components are required for your website to deliver increased and traffic and in turn, meaningful financial benefits.

How can I prepare for my web design project?

First on your "to-do list" is to clearly define your project objectives. Why are you creating a new website or redesigning the existing one? What do you need visitors to be able to do on your website? What are your primary business goals? Next, be sure to know how your web designer's process works. Have the agency walk you through that process, step by step. Lastly, work together with your web design team on identifying the resources they need from you to start your project (i.e., high-resolution images, logos, written copy, etc.).

What support does my website need after it's completed?

We recommend continuously monitoring the performance of your website and upgrading content management system and any third-party plugins integrated on the site. Just like a car needs a "tune-up" every few months, so, too, will your website require some basic checks to keep it running smoothly. Ask your web design firm to provide a support plan to ensure that your project is not going to be abandoned after completion.

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