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Create websites and provide digital marketing services that help our clients achieve their objectives
Web Development

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Web Development services

A Chicago-based web development company at heart, for more than a decade we've honed our expertise in the art and science of web development. We know how to build a truly scalable framework for your project, implement the most up-to-date tools and develop powerful functionality to transform your website into an effective business tool that delivers on your business goals.
Web Design

Web Design services

Your website is the heart and soul of your business and the engine of its online presence. It's where you introduce the world to your brand and where you inspire visitors to take action. Comrade began as a Chicago-based web design company and has grown to become a full service with a team of highly skilled specialists dedicated to designing the most robust website for your business that generates traffic and coverts leads into paying customers.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services

The real power of Comrade Digital Marketing lies in our unique ability to reach a wide array of audiences. We're more than an Internet marketing company, but instead a full service agency that leverages every tool at our disposal to engage your ideal prospects. Together, we'll craft and execute an online marketing strategy that garners fresh, qualified leads, generates sales and grows your business revenue. Plain and simple.

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Who is Comrade Web Agency

Our Digital Marketing Process

Effective Website Design Company

Effective Website Design Company

More than just a web design agency in Chicago, Comrade is a full service web development company that knows how to transform your website into a powerful business tool that converts traffic into sales.
Organic Traffic & SEO Boosters

Organic Traffic & SEO Boosters

Internet marketing company that specializes in increasing your organic traffic through SEO and other powerful marketing tools. We're well versed in the ins and outs of search engine optimization and have a proven track record elevating our clients' websites to the top of search engine results, regardless of industry.
High-Performance PPC Agency

High-Performance PPC Agency

Using our proprietary analytics system, we create PPC campaigns that outperform those from any other online marketing agency. We'll leverage key market indicators to craft an expert campaign that delivers results while lowering your paid advertising spend.
Continuous Optimization & Improvement

Continuous Optimization & Improvement

The Internet is constantly evolving and we're perfectionists who like to stay ahead of the technological curve. When it comes to your business, no compromise is acceptable. As a 21st Century digital marketing company, Comrade uses the latest analytics and reporting tools to continuously update and optimize your project, thereby maximizing conversion rates and revenue.

Point A is learning all about your company. We look at your website design, digital marketing channels you’re currently using and their performance, your target market and your USPs.

Point B is setting goals based on the milestones you want to achieve and the numbers you want to reach in the future.


Our purpose is to take your from point A to point B in the least amount of time and at optimum cost. We create a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your strengths and positions you as the leader in what you do. We build a marketing concept that aims to deliver more value to your audience, and do it while achieving your digital marketing milestones.


As your web marketing agency, we then build your website and advertising campaigns – driving traffic, converting visitors and collecting leads. We also optimize all your content, so you see better rankings as soon as technologically possible.

Tracking Growth
Tracking Growth

We continuously take decisions and make suggestions backed by frequent reports on conversions and advertising effectiveness. Ultimately, we create long-term marketing assets that help your company grow in any way you wish, and keep your newly acquired market positions long term.

More Than a Vendor

When you hire Comrade, your company adds 8 to 12 experts, working for your business at a fraction of the cost, and delivering results every month.

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Meet Comrade Web Agency
- Full service Digital Marketing Company

10 years of working with clients nationwide have given us deep-rooted expertise in online marketing and web design. We’ve spent those years perfecting our digital marketing processes and learning all we can so we can help you get wherever you want to get — and further.

According to our customers, we are "incredibly responsive," "pay attention to details," and "versatile"

A lot of web agencies can make big promises. We let our track record speak for us – over 300 happy clients in a vast variety of industries, and a team diverse in culture and experience.

Our web design and digital marketing agency is based in Chicago but provide services nationwide

We’ve discovered the secret to perfect customer service – truly care about your clients, always pay attention to the details, and be there when questions and concerns arise, because in a long term partnership, they inevitably do.

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